Flagship mobile phone change tide is coming High-end processor / OLED panel growth can be expected

- Nov 23, 2018-

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According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) data, since 2016, the global manufacturing industry has gradually recovered, and it is expected to continue to recover in 2017. In the optimistic overall economic outlook, the smart phone market is also quite promising to achieve good results in 2017. Among them, the flagship smart phone is expected to make a wave under the leadership of Apple, Samsung and other players. With the change of the tide, the demand for high-end processors and OLED panels will also flourish.

Although in the past three or four years, Taiwan's total shipments of smart phones have shown a downward trend. However, according to the analysis data provided by the MIC in May 2017, the total shipments of smart phones will pick up this year, and the total shipments of smart phones will reach 1.6 billion. In the high-end mobile phone market, as the iPhone 8 (tentative name) and the Samsung Galax Galaxy S8 are both listed this year, it is expected to bring a wave of high-end market changes. Emerging market countries such as China and India, where mobile phone demand is taking off, will also bring about the development momentum of the overall smart phone industry.

The competitive layout between branded products will also affect the changes in key supply chains. Lin Xinheng, senior industry analyst and senior project manager of the MIC Action Smart City Group, pointed out that in 2017, the mobile device chip industry will be a 10 nm process competition, Qualcomm and Samsung's latest high-end processors and MediaTek's MT6799 processor is made of ten nanometer chips.

Lin Xinheng believes that with the current dynamics of several chip manufacturers, Qualcomm's product line layout is the most complete. In the high-end processor segment, the S820 and S821 launched last year, and the high-end model solution S835 launched in the first quarter of 2017, are the first choice for flagship mobile phones. In the second quarter of 2017, Qualcomm also introduced the mid-range processor S660. The comprehensive product layout strategy will facilitate the negotiation of Qualcomm and manufacturers cooperation, and the overall shipment prospects are promising.

In addition, Lin Xinheng further pointed out that because OLED has the advantages of thin thickness, high contrast, power saving, etc., and can be flexibly set, it can have more appearance changes. In the past two years, many brands are expecting to be able to do through OLED. Product differentiation. Therefore, it is estimated that the global demand for OLEDs in 2017 will reach 500 million pieces.