Fingerprints under the screen: Samsung plans to launch the new Galaxy A mobile phone during the year

- Sep 04, 2018-

According to CNBC, a well-known financial media, Samsung Mobile President Gao Dongzhen said in an interview with CNBC that Samsung will change its mobile strategy in the future, bringing more technology to mid-range mobile phones and launching new ones before the end of the year. The Galaxy A series will be equipped with Samsung's cutting-edge technology.


Samsung Gao Dongzhen said that the new Galaxy A mobile phone will adopt the technology that Galaxy S9/Note 9 does not use, mainly for the millennials, and the characteristics of this consumer group is that the budget is not very abundant, but hope Try the latest technology products.


In addition, Samsung's mid-range machine will also launch more products to meet the needs of different groups of people, and according to the Korean media's previous news, Samsung will be the first to use the screen fingerprint and three camera design on the Galaxy A series mobile phone. The goal may be to experiment and lay the groundwork for next year's Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X phones.