End the full screen camera phone or launch next year

- Aug 29, 2018-

This year, OV has successively launched a lift-type front camera, which effectively solves the problem of full-screen screen ratio. However, despite this design creativity, there are still many problems. Many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to develop screens. Camera technology.


According to foreign media reports, the first screen camera mobile phone products will be officially released next year, when Liu Haiping will completely withdraw from the history of mobile phones.


Judging from the current news, Samsung is also developing this technology as a mobile phone giant, and Samsung, as a screen provider, has the strength to implement this technology first. Since Apple released the iPhone X, Liu Haiping has sprung up in various new mobile phones, but Samsung has never used this design. Samsung is likely to put the treasure in the hand on the screen camera.


Edit Comment: The biggest difficulty of the screen camera should be in the thickness of the body and the material of the screen, and Samsung has a unique advantage for the screen, if Samsung next year launched the screen camera is not unexpected.