Domestic fully flexible OLED display officially put into operation next year

- Apr 09, 2019-

OLED is currently the most watched new display technology in the world, and is called "Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode". Compared with the traditional LCD panel, OLED breaks through the inflexible limitations, has the characteristics of faster response, higher contrast, wider viewing angle, etc., and has broad application prospects in high-end mobile phones and a new generation of wearable display systems.

In August this year, BOE announced that it will mass produce China's first flexible display production line. Recently, the company officially announced at the new product launch conference that its new flexible display production line will be officially put into production next year.

Luo Yu said that he started the preparatory work in Shenzhen last October. The project has invested more than 10 billion yuan. He has not disclosed information to the public, but the related work is continuing. This also marks that Luoyu has taken the lead in the international stage of the industrialization of fully flexible display.

On August 1, 2014, Rouyu Technology released the world's thinnest color AMOLED flexible display that can be directly used in the field of smart phones. It can be freely crimped and stretched. Its thickness is only about 0.01 mm (ie 10 microns), which is less than the diameter of the hair. One-fifth of the contraction; and the shrinkage curl radius is less than 1 mm, which is thinner than the ballpoint pen. This technology has set a new world record in the display field.