Development History of TFT LCD

- Feb 09, 2018-

The development process of TFT-LCD can be divided into the following stages: Before 1995, the application of TFT-LCD mainly focused on high-end camera monitors, high-end handheld game consoles, miniature television sets and large-screen projectors and other aristocratic consumer goods. 1995, the base plate size reached 300mmx400mm, achieved 10-inch VGA. 1997, 11.3 inches, 12.1 inches into mainstream products. 1998 years to date, although the price of TFT-LCD products has gone up and down according to changes in market demand, but overall, prices have fallen more than 30%, now about 15 inches of products have become the mainstream market products. From the domestic market situation, Lenovo, founder has launched a desktop PC with LCD display, the Great Wall, Hisense, TCL and other manufacturers have similar models, a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers are also vigorously developing TFT-LCD display. According to incomplete statistics, some of the domestic manufacturers intent to purchase the agreement amount to 3.8 billion yuan, the market response is more enthusiastic. At present, the 15-inch LCD display in the market is mainly concentrated in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, of which the largest market share of Samsung in Korea.