Davos touch screen production line enters equipment installation phase

- Aug 17, 2018-

Guizhou Davos Photoelectric Co., Ltd. 10,000 square meters of new large-scale touch screen production line project completed renovation and entered the equipment installation stage. Based on the existing production line, Davos in Guizhou will build two more production lines. After the completion of the project, the touch screen capacity of the entire project will reach 100,000 pieces / day, and it is expected that the operating income will reach 100 million yuan in 2019.

 LCD Display.jpg

It is reported that Davos is specialized in research and development, sales and technical consulting services for new electronic components, optoelectronic components, new touch-controlled display components, intelligent terminal products and communication equipment, self-operated and agent electronic products, communication equipment and related. Import and export business.