Chuanhua Mate 20 Pro has begun mass production will be equipped with BOE OLED screen

- Jul 14, 2018-


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This year, Huawei will launch the Mate 20 Pro flagship machine, which not only will enter the higher end market, but also to stop Apple's continued expansion.

According to the news from the Korean industry chain, Huawei has quietly reached a cooperation with BOE, which will supply some of the Mate 20 Pro's OLED screens, and the corresponding screens will begin production at the end of this month. The news from the industry chain also shows that BOE will supply at least 1 million independent OLED screens to Huawei this year.

From the latest news from the Taiwanese industrial chain, Mate 20 has now entered the pre-production verification phase, which means that the design work has been completed. If the test goes well, the formal mass production work will begin in mid-August. Before this, Huawei will secretly contact the supplier to prepare the corresponding materials for the mobile phone.

According to sources in the industry chain, Mate 20 will abandon the current Liu Haiping design and switch to the traditional 18:9 full screen, but the left and right borders of the mobile phone are very narrow, while the forehead and chin are also reduced to about 3.5mm. The visual effect is very shocking, and the screen ratio is at least 90%.