China Needs to Contend with the Development of OLED Panel Industry

- May 15, 2018-

China's manufacturing industry needs OLED panels. China's smart phone companies actually have a huge demand for OLED panels. Among the top four domestic mobile phones, OPPO and vivo are relying on Samsung OLED panels and occupying over 70% of the market share of OLED screen handsets in China. However, OPPO and vivo have paid a high price for this. Other domestic mobile phone brands have difficulty obtaining the supply of Samsung's OLED panels. If Chinese OLED panel companies' OLED panels catch up with South Korean panel companies in terms of technology and quality, Chinese mobile phone companies can hope to digest these. The OLED panel production capacity promotes the development of China's OLED panel industry.

In the LCD panel industry, Chinese panel companies have achieved the status of the world’s second largest LCD panel production site through continuous continuation of investment. Now China is expected to expand in contradiction to the OLED panel considered as an alternative technology to LCD panels. The opportunity quickly catches up with Korean companies, which helps China's manufacturing industry to get rid of dependence on foreign advanced technology industries.