Chi Mei vs. Han OLED: Panel Factory Group will benefit

- Mar 27, 2019-

The world's second-largest TV factory, South Korea's LG curved OLED TV will debut in the information month, once again set off OLED TV and 4K2K TV war, Taiwan Chi Mei brand and so on. Chi Mei said that the launch of the 65-inch new machine should be fighting, and it is confident that the price-performance ratio will surpass OLED TV, and the sales will be better. The panel supplier will be expected to benefit.

LG said yesterday (25) that the world's first curved OLED TV will be unveiled in the information month, emphasizing the exclusive WRGB4 color display technology of the innovative curved screen, showing the extremely beautiful image quality, only 0.4cm of the ultra-slim body, this The LG55-inch curved OLED TV will open a new era of TV.

The home appliance industry believes that last year LG's 55-inch OLED is impressive in the information moon phase, 0.4cm ultra-slim body and bright picture quality, but the price is as high as 10,000 US dollars, equivalent to NT$300,000. It is not affordable for the general public. It is expected that the price of this year will still exceed NT$20. Compared with the price of the 65-inch 4K2K TV from Taiwan, it is below 100,000 yuan. There is a big gap, whether consumers pay the bill. Still to be observed.

Yu Meile, the new visionary of Chi Mei Industrial Group, said yesterday that the 65-inch 4K2K TV will be introduced in the information month through the dealers. The function and shape are stronger, and the group panel is used. The price will be low. At 100,000 yuan, it will become the main model for sales next year.

Yu Yule said: "Compared with OLED TV, 4K2K TV still has advantages in image quality and price. In particular, less than half of the price will be the key to consumers' acceptance."