Character lattice liquid crystal module definition

- May 11, 2018-


The character dot matrix liquid crystal module is composed of a dot matrix character liquid crystal display device and a dedicated row and column driver, a controller, and necessary connection pieces and structural components, and can display digits and Western characters. The dot character module itself has a character generator, which has a large display capacity and a rich function.

The general character lattice liquid crystal module can display 8 characters of 1 line or more than 16 characters of l line at least. The lattice arrangement of this module consists of a group of 5x7, 5x8, or 5x11 pixel arrays. Each group has 1 bit, and there is a slight gap between each bit, and there is also a line interval between each line, so the graphic cannot be displayed.

     16x2 character lcd.jpg   8x2 character lcd.jpg

Character LCD


Generally, there is a character library CGROM that has been cured with 192 character fonts in the character lattice liquid crystal module control and driver, and also has a random access memory CGRAM that allows the user to create a special character, allowing the user to create eight 5×8 dot matrix characters. . Character lattice liquid crystal module is often used in instruments and other equipment