Changxin Technology's wearable OLED display module is expected to be mass-produced in the middle of next year.

- Dec 25, 2018-

Changxin Technology specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of flat panel display vacuum film materials. Leading products include ITO conductive film glass for liquid crystal display, ITO conductive film glass for touch screen, mobile phone panel window material, high-end thinning processing, and vehicle-mounted control. And high-end mobile phone display modules.

For the position of each business segment in the industry, the person in charge of Changxin Technology said that it will continue to maintain the leading position of ITO conductive glass in the global market share, including A-share or Hong Kong-listed companies such as Ultrasonic Electronics, Truly and Panasonic; Sensor segment customers include Japanese customers such as Visionox and SMK; customers in the thinning business segment include Sharp, LG, BOE, Tianma, CLP Panda, Innolux and other well-known panel factories at home and abroad; customers in the central control panel include T The company, company B, and the internationally renowned TIRE1 supplier have entered the central control panel supply chain system of European, American and Japanese car dealers; the company also occupies the high-end market in the field of new energy vehicles, with Xiaopeng Automobile, Wei The new forces of new energy vehicles such as automobiles have maintained good relations and further strengthened the depth of cooperation in the future; customers in the mobile phone segment include high-end models of high-end brands such as HOV and Xiaomi. The company has been growing with the unicorn customer base. He also said that he will further focus on the main business - the field of touch display, and always maintain the industry leading position of new technologies and new processes.

For car screen technology, Changxin Technology cooperates with the world's top auto manufacturers, is one of the suppliers of T-model Model S and Model X control panel, and the only supplier of control panel in BYD Tang, Qin and Song models. The industry's threshold in the field of vehicle-mounted control panels is very high, and various tests such as stability, safety and destructiveness need to be done on the central control screen. After more than three years of efforts, Changxin Technology has successfully entered the world's top automotive supply chain system. .

The overall layout of Changxin Technology this year will focus on the following three aspects:

1. Small and medium-sized mobile phone display modules. At present, the concentration of mobile phone brands is constantly improving. The company's advantages in high-end models are gradually emerging, and the company's share in the high-end mobile phone market is constantly increasing.

2, in the medium and large size touch display products, focusing on the car central control screen, with the penetration rate of the car system with the central control, the company's core technology will be used in this field.

3. In terms of thinning business, Changxin Technology is the only production base of A company in China that is engaged in panel thinning of NB and PAD products, and has great potential for thinning business.

Asked about the future profit growth point, the person in charge of Changxin Technology said that it would be in the following three aspects:

1, small and medium size full-fit version, in order to meet the development trend of OLED, the company has prioritized the layout of wearable device OLED display module field. At the same time, the company is applying for the issuance of convertible bonds, and the investment is in the field of OLED wearables, and mass production is planned in the medium term next year;

2, TFT thinning and deep processing, the company is now stepping up the construction of new capacity to meet the orders of customers in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan;

3. The medium and large size touches the display section. The company expands production according to the customer's order demand based on the existing production capacity, and increases the investment in the vehicle.