Changxin Technology: Cut into Apple iWatch5 Industry Chain Layout Flexible OLED Module

- Dec 21, 2018-

On November 29th, yesterday, the Investor Open Day held by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the theme of “Practicing the Chinese Dream into a Listed Company” was held in Wuhu, Anhui. The listed company that entered the event was Changxin Technology. .

In the investor questioning interactive session, some investors asked that the global mobile phone sales volume has declined this year. Under such a background, how is the company's growth in the next year or two?

In this regard, Vice Chairman Gao Qianwen said that although the global mobile phone market is stable or even declining, the market size of medium and high-end mobile phones is growing. Changxin Technology is a supplier of medium and high-end mobile phones and the market for products. It is growing.

"Flexible OLED is the future trend. It is expected that the proportion of flexible OLED will increase to about 50% in the next one or two years. Based on this judgment, we cut into the Apple iWatch5 industry chain and mass production in June and July next year." Said before.