CCTV accelerates the popularization of ultra-high-definition programs: 2020 full 4K 2021 test 8K

- Oct 30, 2018-

For the current 4K TV, the lack of 4K programs, film source support, in many cases can only be furnishings. However, with the accelerated popularization of CCTV 4K programs, 4K TVs will finally be useful in the future.


During the National Day this year, the first superstar TV channel in China, CCTV 4K Ultra HD channel was broadcasted at the Central Radio and TV Station.


It is reported that cable TV networks of 13 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities including Beijing Gehua, Guangdong, Shanghai Oriental, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and Shenzhen Tianwei have been opened on October 1. Central Broadcasting and Television Main Station 4K channel.


On October 1st, the broadcast time will be 10:00-24:00, and from October 2nd, 6:00 to 24:00, 18 hours a day, documentary, sports events, variety shows, TV series, cartoons, etc. You can enjoy the cinema-level audiovisual experience without leaving your home.


According to the news from Beijing Youth Daily, on October 25, Jiang Wenbo, a member of the Central Radio and Television General Station and the former CCTV sub-party group, revealed at the ICTC2018 Ultra HD Forum that from 2018 to 2021, the Central Radio and Television General Station will complete the 4K Super Taiwan. The construction of the HD channel technology system has the ability to produce 4K programs per day for about 100 hours. In 2021, it is necessary to carry out 8K ultra-HD technology tests.


It is understood that the 4K construction of the Central Radio and Television Headquarters is divided into three phases:


The first phase (April-December 2018) completed the construction of a 4K ultra-high-definition channel production system, with 6 hours of 4K programming capability per day, and opened a 4K interactive TV platform in the national cable TV network.


The second phase (January 2019-June 2020) completed the construction of the news production platform, and provided broadcast programs in the 4K Ultra HD channel news section; completed 3 to 5 channels of sports, variety, documentary, etc. 4K Ultra HD production system The construction has a capacity of 4K programming per day for 30 hours. In the national cable television network, 4K TV channels such as sports, variety, and documentary films were opened; 4K ultra-high-definition TV channels and 4K interactive TV platforms were launched in the three major telecommunications networks.


The third stage (July 2020-December 212020) will transform 4K ultra-high-definition channels into 4K integrated channels, and will complete the construction of other 4K ultra-high-definition channel production systems such as news, TV series, and children, with 4K per day for 60 hours. Program production ability. In the national cable television network and the three major telecommunications networks, 4K ultra-high-definition TV channels such as news, TV dramas and children were opened; 4K ultra-HDTV channels were opened in China's direct broadcast satellite platform. The 4K ultra-high-definition TV program is transmitted to the user's mobile phone APP through the 5G network, and is displayed on the 4K TV set by the projection screen. At the same time, in response to the demand for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 8K Ultra HD technology test was launched in 2021 to provide support for the 8K signal production of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


According to experts, the image clarity of 4K TV is more delicate, and the performance of color brightness is more abundant, reaching the level of film. The sound effect is also comparable to that of a theater, and the sound effects of three-dimensional sound can even exceed the theater. The audience can fully experience the audiovisual experience of the theater at home. It is foreseeable that with the arrival of the 4K channel, the long-awaited TV home theater will become a reality.