Can't get a 2018 tax refund? Foxconn Wisconsin Factory Response: Recruitment Slows

- Jan 21, 2019-

Although: "The plan has not changed quickly," Foxconn's US factory situation at this time will make people more mixed, failing to live up to the original intention of driving employment, and even because the number of recruits is too low, resulting in the failure to obtain the 2018 tax rebate This is a bit surprising. It is necessary to know that the Foxconn American factory is a big project that the US President Trump has hand-picked, and even personally attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the construction. Obviously, the cruel reality is still in the face.


Recently, according to the "Wall Street Journal" report, because the Foxconn Wisconsin factory failed to fill the number of employees promised in 2018, the local government decided not to give Foxconn any tax cuts. It is understood that according to the established plan, Foxconn should have created 260 full-time positions in 2018, but Foxconn only recruited 178 people last year.


In response, local government agencies said that in order to protect the interests of taxpayers, Foxconn’s tax cuts last year were deprived. However, as long as Foxconn completes the recruitment of 1080 employees this year, then you can get the corresponding preferential policies.


It should be pointed out that in response to the failure to obtain the 2018 tax rebate, Foxconn re-emphasized the goal of creating 13,000 jobs in the statement to the local government economic development office, and said that it is only "we have adjusted the recruitment. Rhythm". Obviously, in Foxconn's view, despite the changes in the pace of Foxconn's US construction, the overall goal of the Foxconn Wisconsin factory to create jobs has never changed.


It is still unknown whether Foxconn's US factory can complete the expected plan. However, it is certain that the global economic situation is extremely severe today. Foxconn's US construction plant still encounters a hurdle, and Foxconn can only act cautiously. As for whether this hurricane is a test of success on the road, or defeating Foxconn’s “roadblocking tiger”, this is obviously worth considering!