BYTON K-Byte concept car adopts BOE car curved screen

- Jun 13, 2018-

On the night of June 12th, “Bateng Night” shined at the Shanghai Himalaya Center. From the world premiere of the BYTON K-Byte concept car to the official launch of the “BYTON Zhizhi Guan” project, this revamped “type” of Beiteng’s night brought many exhilarating moments. Now let us take you to experience the wonderful moments of the scene.

LCD 1.jpg

As a "next-generation smart terminal" for the era of self-driving, the BYTON K-Byte concept car perfectly integrates the new elements of autopilot such as laser radar, but as a senior screen watcher in the display industry, it quickly found a piece of 49 Inch full screen.

 LCD 2.jpg

LCD 3.jpg

Beiteng’s steering wheel has an 8-inch touch screen. The central control screen is 49 inches long and 1.25 meters long. It is a car-mounted curved screen from BOE. The 49-inch display related parameters are as follows:

Can realize 3840×720 resolution

Brightness up to 1000nit

Support gesture interaction, voice control and other functions

Provides three background colors of white, blue and black, and adjusts the brightness according to the change of ambient light