Bosch pushes the first curved screen car instrument to mimic the excellent curvature of the human eye

- Nov 15, 2018-

Just like the evolution of a mobile phone from a straight bar with physical buttons to a full-screen smart phone, to the current hot foldable mobile phone, the car dashboard has also undergone the development of mechanical instruments and liquid crystal meters, and now it is There are curved screens like TVs and mobile phones.


Recently, they learned from Bosch's official website that they have launched the first curved screen for automotive instrumentation and successfully equipped it into the production car cockpit.


The curved dashboard uses a new manufacturing process with high definition and contrast, which, in sunlight, is four times less than the light reflected from a normal display and will debut in the new Volkswagen Touareg digital cockpit Innovision cockpit.


It is reported that Bosch introduced the curvature of this curved instrument panel to mimic the natural curvature of the human eye. Even if the information is displayed on the edge of the display, the driver can better see the indicator light and warning signal, so that it is most suitable for the driver's field of vision.


At the same time, not only the display effect, but also the surface of the dashboard has a better space. Automakers are increasingly looking to avoid the use of mechanical mechanisms, knobs and controls. Bosch offers a curved dashboard that takes up less than two cents of space compared to a non-curved screen of the same size.