BOE Chen Yanshun: LCD market will continue to grow OLED is a new opportunity for enterprises

- Mar 14, 2019-

On April 9th, the 5th China Electronic Information Expo kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. The China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute and China Electronics News Co-organized a new generation of information technology. The Industrial Development Summit Forum was held concurrently. Chen Yanshun, vice chairman and CEO of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. He said: "China has become the main force in the development of TFT-LCD in the world. Now the rise of OLED technology has become an unstoppable technology trend in the small and medium size field. This will be a new opportunity for Chinese companies."

LCD market will continue to grow steadily

Chen Yanshun said that after the development of the past 10 years, BOE has become one of the top three in the global semiconductor display industry. From 2016 to 2020, the global LCD market is still maintaining a steady growth trend. China will replace other regions as the country with the largest panel shipments in the world. In Chen Yanshun's view, the demand area of TFT-LCD will maintain a sequential growth of more than 3% in the next five years.

First, the trend of large-size panels is strengthened. Five years ago, the size of mobile phones was generally around 3.5 inches, and now TVs are also showing a large size trend. The average product size per year is at least 1.2 inches to 2 inches, and the average TV size will increase by about 2 inches. The increase in the average size of the panel is an important reason for the large increase in LCDs in the future.

Second, it shows that the market structure has changed a lot. In the future, the application range of display products will be deeper in the field of professional segments. These market segments will be combined with the Internet platform in the future to form many Internet terminal products. BOE will also seize this opportunity and continue to increase the market segment layout in the future.

Third, it shows that product performance continues to improve. For the first time in 2016, the Rio Olympics adopted the BOE 8K Ultra HD TV for live broadcasts. The next Tokyo Olympic Games will also promote 8K technology. BOE will also jointly promote the 8K display +5G communication market.

Fourth, the capacity structure has changed. In October last year, BOE began cutting small-size mobile phone screens on the 8.5-generation line to improve the efficiency of production capacity to meet market demand. Now the global 8.5 generation line has been widely used to produce display products of various sizes. In the next five years, although there are still several manufacturers around the world planning to invest in new production lines, the overall market will maintain a balance between supply and demand.

OLED is a new opportunity for enterprises

Chen Yanshun said that China has become the main force in the development of TFT-LCD in the world, and OLED is a new opportunity for Chinese companies. Now OLED technology has emerged and become an unstoppable technology trend in the small and medium size field. The data shows that the annual compound growth rate of AMOLED shipments is expected to remain at around 25% from 2015 to 2021, becoming the mainstream of the future mobile phone market.

Chen Yanshun said that from the technical point of view, OLED has advantages in high color gamut, high endurance, high contrast and thinness, which makes mobile phones use OLED technology in large quantities; from the perspective of product form, OLED, especially flexible AMOLED technology, will make mobile phone form Great changes have taken place, full-screen mobile phones and OLED flexible phones will be launched one after another; from the market point of view, with the gradual maturity of OLED technology and the improvement of yield, OLED products will be applied to the field of wearable and mobile phones, and will be used in the future. Waiting for the development of large size.

After 10 years of layout, BOE has achieved certain results in the field of semiconductor display, LCD panel shipments ranked first in the world, including 25% of smartphone panels in the world, and 38% of tablet panels. Ranked first in the world, notebook panels ranked first in the world with 21%, and monitors and TV panels ranked second and third in the world.

Chen Yanshun said that BOE will lay out three aspects: improving display technology, expanding new applications, integrating information technology and life sciences. First of all, in terms of display, BOE has a total of 11 semiconductor display production lines, of which 8 have been operated and 3 are under construction. In terms of OLED, BOE focuses on small-size flexible AMOLEDs. In addition, there is a rigid AMOLED production capacity in Ordos BOE, and a large-size AMOLED first conductor is also laid in Hefei. Secondly, in the field of smart systems, BOE will deepen its fields of intelligent manufacturing and smart retailing to create new value for Internet of Things services. Finally, in the health service business, BOE combines semiconductor display, sensing and other technologies with life sciences to conduct cross-border innovation.