Be wary of cottage TV: the cost can be as low as tens of dollars

- Sep 14, 2018-

Some time ago, after the red burst, I was caught in the "sales of fake" storm, so that we more or less understand what the "cottage" home appliances, especially the "cottage" TV.


Perhaps, many people think that the "cottage" TV is very far away. In fact, the industrial chain behind the low-cost cottage TVs is quite mature. Many of them try to move closer to the formal business model of the middle and upper reaches, the process becomes more and more complex, and the products become more and more similar. Rapid expansion. These products have been inadvertently invaded into our daily lives with the savage growth of e-commerce and offline outlets throughout towns and villages.


In a street called Dashi in Panyu District, Guangzhou, almost every small workshop can process famous or unknown TV sets on the market. The small workshops here are generally "underground factories", no business license, no certificate. It is an ordinary storefront during the day, and it is as white as it is at night, and workers "manufacture" television sets in a pipeline mode. From the "factory" TV sets of these workshops, the minimum cost is only a few tens of yuan, and the highest is only a few hundred yuan. After being branded, it becomes a "first-line" brand.


Compared with the unlicensed production in Panyu District, the manufacturers in Huadu District of Guangzhou City not only have “regular” business licenses, but also have realistic 3C certification. Although the factory documents in Huadu District are complete, there is not much difference between the production model of Dashi Street Workshop: three or five people can assemble a TV set. The TV sets they produce have no difference in appearance and brand-name TV sets, and they can be affixed with imitation trademarks.


According to industry sources, in order to maximize the benefits, small manufacturers will often reduce the cost to a minimum, and will also divide the cottage TV into three or six. The merchants on the online sales platform that do not have much demand for the TV set will often order the TV with the lowest cost, and the channel agents who have the quality requirements will choose the TV with a slightly better material.


Also think that these cottage products are far from your life?


Through the agents and network channels, a batch of cottage TV sets with security risks were sent to thousands of households. The buyers didn't even know that they bought a cottage TV. Of course, some buyers are looking for the low price, do not care where these products come from, whether there is a certificate, 3C certification and so on.


What is more serious is that the low quality under the low price is not the biggest original sin of the "cottage" TV set, and safety is a serious problem. Imagine that if the cost of a TV set is compressed to tens of dollars, then the material must be inferior and severely damaged. The plastic case, the ultra-fine wire, the problematic liquid crystal display, etc. There are great security risks. In case of bad weather such as thunder, such products may short-circuit, cause fire, and endanger the personal safety of consumers.


Originally, the word "cottage" was not arbitrary in itself. It mainly refers to products without brands and without trademarks, and cannot be completely equated with counterfeit and shoddy products. However, this “cottage” under the guise of greed is no longer a cottage. Consumers should polish their eyes when purchasing, and don’t be tempted by fake cottage products.