AUO will launch folding mobile phone OLED panel this year

- Mar 21, 2019-

Samsung and Huawei have launched folding mobile phones. Peng Shuanglang, chairman of AUO (2409), said that this year AUO will launch flexible OLED panels for folding mobile phones. However, because the current price is not close to the people, only a small amount of production will be produced this year. The amount will be enlarged.

Huawei announced a folding mobile phone at MWC, which sold for as much as NT$80,000. Peng Shuanglang pointed out that AUO has the ability to mass-produce folding mobile phone OLED flexible panels. The design is divided into two types: valgus and inner fold. The internal fold is due to the R angle relationship, and the technical difficulty is the highest. AUO will introduce the inner fold this year. formula. However, because the folding mobile phone is very high-end, the market has just begun, and the price is not enough for the people. It is estimated that after two years of heavy volume, AUO will have time to prepare for capacity.

AUO General Manager Cai Guoxin said that despite the industry's headwinds, in 2019, "technical innovation", "field application" and "smart manufacturing" will be launched to strengthen value growth.

In terms of technological innovation, AUO has developed an ultra-large 8K4K full-plane borderless ALCD TV panel. The series includes 85吋, 75吋, and is the first to produce 85吋8K4K full-plane borderless ALCD LCD TV panel, leading the introduction of first-line brand.

Based on solid panel technology, the smart retail integration solution integrates SDM (Smart Display Module) intelligent display module and adopts standardized design, which not only makes installation and maintenance more convenient, but also can directly connect the network for remote control. Make the content more rich and flexible, and provide customers with software and hardware integration solutions.

On the esports panel, the company developed a full range of high-profile esports panels, launched the 65-inch UHD 4K large-scale esports display BFGD panel, and took the lead in mass production. At the same time, AUO launched the world's highest refresh rate of 31.5 吋 curved E-sports display panel, and 17.3 吋 UHD 4K esports electric panel, showing the most accurate and smooth picture details.