AUO Announces Organizational Adjustments

- Oct 29, 2018-

On October 26th, the panel maker AUO announced the organization adjustment, and divided the display products business into three business groups: the technology research and development group, the business group and the manufacturing operation group.


Among them, the technology research and development group is led by the technical leader Liao Weilun, the business group is led by the deputy general manager Lin Yuyu, the manufacturing operation group is promoted by the deputy general manager Lin Tingli, and the new personnel organization case will take effect on November 1.


Liao Weilun has 20 years of complete experience in AUO. With cross-domain technical management and meticulous planning capabilities, he has identified short, medium and long-term technology development strategies, continuously improved R&D energy, developed new application markets, and developed forward-looking technologies.


The business group will closely connect product units to meet a variety of smart applications, in addition to consolidating the existing market leadership of products and deepening the comprehensive intelligent solutions for the retail, transportation, medical and industrial business fields. I hope that through the overall promotion of Lin Yuyu, there will be more innovative and service models of soft and hard integration.


AUO combined with AI and big data analytics to promote smart manufacturing has accumulated a solid foundation for many years. The manufacturing operations group will combine the resources of global production bases to build intelligent production lines with high efficiency, high quality and high flexibility.


AUO General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Cai Guoxin said that the development of the Internet of Things and AI has brought about industrial changes, and the application of intelligent applications has been accelerated in various fields. In the face of the wave of digital transformation, it is necessary to have the ability and strategy to quickly adjust organizational structure and research and development technologies. Facing the challenges of the new business model.


Cai Guoxin pointed out that this organizational adjustment can take advantage of the scale of integration and resources to achieve more efficient and flexible management efficiency, achieving the effectiveness of strategy sharing, resource sharing and platform sharing.