Apple's new mobile phone adopts OLED panel

- Apr 28, 2019-

segment LCD

Apple's new generation of mobile phones is expected to adopt organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels. The market regulator believes that in addition to Samsung monitors that have already produced OLED mobile phone panels, other manufacturers are currently not mass-produced. Now, who is supplying them, in fact, the variables Still more.

International Data and Information Corporation (IDC) market analyst Chen Jianzhu pointed out that the current global panel factory production of mobile phone OLED panels only Samsung display, mass production of OLED TV panels only Lejin display.

Although other panel makers have begun to build OLED panel production lines for Apple's new generation of mobile phone OLED panel orders, it will take at least one year to two years to mass production. Whether the quality meets Apple's demand remains to be observed.

Chen Jianzhu said that Samsung OLED mobile phone panels have been put into the market for many years, so the OLED panels of other panel manufacturers will be favored by Apple. The first is that quality must keep up with Samsung.

He analyzed that, according to the current technology, low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) panels for OLED panels below 15 inches are used as backplanes, and then organic materials are evaporated, and the yield is higher, but OLED panels larger than 15 inches use indium gallium oxide. The zinc (IGZO) panel is a backing plate coated with organic materials with high yield.

He explained that the small-size OLED panel adopts red, green and blue (RGB) 3-color evaporation organic materials, which is technically no problem, but the large-size OLED panel has no way to adopt 3-color evaporation, so only white vapor deposition can be adopted. Match color with color filter (CF).

He bluntly said that Apple has two or three suppliers of purchased components. The new generation of mobile OLED panel suppliers should initially be supplied to Samsung, which has already produced OLED mobile phone panels. It is a simple sale; the second stage is other supply. The OLED panel production line is mass-produced, and Apple and its joint development of the required OLED panels, but now it is too early to talk about quality and yield.

He admits that even if the panel factory outside Samsung sells OLED mobile phone panels more than one year later, two years later, it is still unknown whether the quality can keep up with Samsung. Apple can't use it without asking for quality.