Annual growth rate of metal oxide LCD substrates reaches 30%, and area supply increases to 5.3 billion square meters

- Apr 23, 2018-


Metal oxide (Oxide) LCD substrate has low power consumption, fast moving speed and other characteristics, suitable for high-resolution panel, Apple increased the proportion of the use of tablet computers, NB and other products, IHS Markit statistics, this year's demand will grow 30% over last year , an area of 5.3 billion square meters.

Oxide LCD technology currently masters the hands of Sharp and LGD (LeGold), Sharp is mainly used in IT products, LGD focuses on TV's OLED panel metal oxide substrate, the two companies plan to expand their metal oxides this year. Substrate production capacity.

Sharp's 6th-generation line in Kameyama City, Japan, originally produced LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon). In order to secure Apple's flat-panel orders, it plans to convert 40% of LTPS production capacity to Oxide LCD substrates at the end of this year; in addition, the 8th generation of Kameyama. The line plan gradually increased Oxide capacity from the first quarter of this year, from 50% in the last four seasons to 75% at the end of this year.

LGD plans to increase production capacity of metal oxide substrates to prepare for future OLED TV panel business. LGD China Guangdong 8.5-generation OLED plant will start in the second half of next year, mass production of metal oxide backplanes using OLED panels, monthly production capacity It is 60,000 tablets.