Alto Electronics Releases Mini LED Commercial Display System

- Jun 12, 2018-

At InfoComm in the United States, Alto Electronics officially released the "Mini LED commercial display system", which attracted the attention of many people in the industry.

It is understood that this commercial display system incorporates the latest Mini LED and integrated packaging technology to solve the problems of easily damaged ultra-small-pitch LED display, on-site maintenance of COB products, and surface ink color and display bright color consistency. The system has 30 authorized patents from around the world.

It can be seen that Alto's ultra-high-definition Mini LED commercial display system is extremely market-specific: One-time solution for small-pitch LED commercial display installation, maintenance, slow operation, multiple devices, and complicated operation are the two biggest customer consumption pain points. In the new development period where the characteristics of consumption upgrades are obvious and market pain points are increasingly important, Alto Electronics has always been adhering to the technology-driven strategic concept, insisting on product upgrades based on market demand, and providing customers with a superior display experience.