Blue STN High Resolution 320x240 Graphic LCD Display

Brand Name:ENH
Display Type:STN/Blue
Viewing Direction:6 0' Clock
Driving Method:1/240 Duty 1/16 Bias
Drive IC:NT7711&NT7712
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LCD display small module 7 segment elevator display

Customizing & designing segment, character, graphic LCD Display and LCD Module(Including LED Backlight) with different sizes, shapes, display icons for clients.


Any interesting,warmly welcome inquiry.

1. LCD Type:  TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA BLACK BASE, COB, COG etc.....

2.  Any digitals, Icons, graphic can be customized and designed according to customers' requirements.

3. Polarizer type: Transmissive, Transflective, Reflective

4. Connector Type: Metal Pins, Zebra, Heat-seal, FPC...

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